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Tile Installation
& Repair

Before fitting the tiles, think about services from Mr. Does All.

The company’s budget-friendly, highly professional, and various offers make it possible to commence your project activities right now.

Repair ceramic tile is worth mentioning. It looks fantastic and has a long lifespan due to its durability. Water-resistant and easy-to-maintain material have no allergy concerns. Those thinking about fitting the tiles in the kitchen should bear in mind porcelain or marble as the most solid and long-lasting solution. Since kitchens are notorious for their spills, sticky spots, and other debris, you’ll definitely want stone tiling options like slate.

Our tilers will offer the right tile for your kitchen floor to help you avoid getting lost in color swatches, patterns, and texture choices. Whether you pick clay, limestone, granite, or any other kitchen flooring, you’ll get top-notch service and consultations for your kitchen’s perfect design and style.


Similar to the issues above, cracks or other damage on your walls could lead to water damage on the surfaces underneath, such as your drywall. Luckily, Mr.Does All can provide the repairs you need to prevent that from happening, and fix any additional damage that does occur.

We will offer you long-term and cost-effective solutions that include any necessary drywall repair and installation.


There are many areas in your home that could benefit from a flooring upgrade, especially if you’re facing irreparable tiles, such as in the bathroom. That said, it could also affect your kitchen, entryway, or laundry room. Tile repair for floors is often related to moisture damage, where cracked grout or individual broken pieces could be the culprit. If left untreated, that could damage your subfloors. Mr.Does All can inspect your existing flooring and make suggestions in alignment with your needs.


Do your countertops or backsplash look worn or old-fashioned? Whether you want them repaired or replaced, our team at Mr.Does All can repair and install countertops throughout your home. Where there are countertops, you will find corresponding backsplashes.

Although backsplashes are easy to maintain, they can also stain easily if you don’t regularly clean them. Too much moisture could also lead to crumbly grout joints that call for grout repair and resealing.

Looking for Expert Tile Repair? You Can Rely on Your Local Handyman!

Tile repair of any kind is unavoidable down the road, but it can be minimized with the necessary maintenance. You can always depend on outstanding workmanship and five-star customer service from the team of professionals at Mr. Does All. We help with everything from installing new porcelain floors to drywall repair and door repair.

Our reliable handyman services are for residential and commercial properties. Tile repair, installation, and dozens of other trusted services are available from Mr. Does All. For property owners that seek extensive experience from service professionals who are always perfectly equipped, look no further.

Get in contact with us today by calling +1(833) 363-7255, emailing or chatting with us on our website, to speak with our friendly customer service representatives and choose a convenient appointment time, or find out more about why we are the number one choice for tile repair services always leaving behind the best-finished product.

Your time is important to us

Mr. Does All is a professional Service that provides full maintenance work for both residential and commercial customers. We provide kitchen tile installation, floor tile repair & installation, bathroom tile repair & installation, cracked tile repair.

Fully Licensed & Insured

We provide you with a quote based on time and materials. Our pricing for handyman services is competitive and clear - just pay for what you need.

  • $75/hr. Organizing, cleaning, lifting, errands, etc.
  • $85/hr. Home repairs, handyman work, and painting.
  • $85/hr. Electrical, carpentry, plumbing, skilled tasks, and appliance installation.
  • $125/hr. Supervisor Role.
  • We offer proposals for larger projects that require more than four full 8-hour work days.
  • Projects with less than a full 8-hour day will be charged an additional 1-hour service fee for travel & setup time.
  • 25% material procurement fee.
  • Licensed mechanics quote upon request.
  • Taxes where applicable.
  • A 3.2% credit card processing fee will be applied.