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Install, Repair,
Replace, and More.

From time to time, you may have a project that involves the plumbing or heating system in your home or business.

Plumbing problems are annoying and can cause a lot of damage if not taken care of. Mr. Does All can professionally replace or repair faucets, vanities, and more. If you require sewer and drain services, we can provide that as well.

We can help you be in compliance with NYC Local Law 152 also and can perform Backflow Device testing and Fire Suppression System testing. Contact us for more information.

Your time is important to us

Mr. Does All is a professional Service that provides full maintenance work for both residential and commercial customers. We provide kitchen tile installation, floor tile repair & installation, bathroom tile repair & installation, cracked tile repair.

Fully Licensed & Insured

We provide you with a quote based on time and materials. Our pricing for handyman services is competitive and clear - just pay for what you need.

  • $75/hr NYC. $65/hr LI & FL. Organizing, cleaning, lifting, errands, etc.
  • $85/hr NYC. $75/hr LI & FL. Home repairs, handyman work, and painting.
  • $125/hr NYC. $85/hr LI & FL. Electrical, carpentry, plumbing, skilled tasks, and appliance installation.
  • $105/hr. Supervisor Role.
  • We offer proposals for larger projects that require more than four full 8-hour work days.
  • Projects with less than a full 8-hour day will be charged an additional 1-hour service fee for travel & setup time.
  • 25% material procurement fee.
  • Licensed mechanics quote upon request.
  • Taxes where applicable.
  • A 3.2% credit card processing fee will be applied.