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When getting a house ready to sell or rent, even in between tenants, you should have your handyman on speed dial.

That's us! Mr. Does All +1(833) 363-7255. Make sure anything and everything that needs to be fixed (think: locks, hardware, leaky faucets, running toilets, cracks in the walls, broken appliances, squeaky doors, etc.) is fixed before listing a home. Otherwise, buyers may think your home hasn’t been well taken care of, which can be a turnoff for many. Here’s why you should hire a handyman before and after your move.

Need help moving? Let Mr. Does All handle your move from start to finish. We can box up your things and move them safely and efficiently to your new home. Let Mr. Does All unpack and help organize your new space.

Some things you should consider:


Go ahead and stock up on light bulbs. When showing your house to potential buyers, all light fixtures and lamps should be turned on. For this reason, it’s important that all lights in your home are working.


First impressions mean a lot. So, don’t let foul smells, dirty floors or dusty surfaces make a bad one. Before listing your home (and throughout the selling process), give your home a deep clean. Consider calling Mr. Does All to ensure that your place is in pristine condition.


Start by painting over those bright orange and green walls with neutral colors. Stick to whites, light grays, light beiges, and “greige” wall colors. These shades will make your home appear bigger, brighter, and more welcoming. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your home will also help cover the wall’s imperfections and convey a clean, fresh, blank slate to potential buyers.


According to multiple studies, staging a home really can help it sell faster and for more money. Fortunately, staging your home’s interior can be easy and affordable. Mr. Does All can professionally stage your home for sale. Don’t forget to also spruce up your home’s curb appeal when staging the home. After all, the outside of the home is the first thing potential buyers will see when they arrive for a showing.

So, make sure that the grass is cut, the yard is landscaped, and the knick-knacks are gone (think gnomes and children’s toys). If your home looks a bit run down, you should also consider adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior walls. Here’s our ultimate guide to home staging.


Decluttering and organizing your space will go a long way in appealing to potential buyers. When a home is clutter-free, buyers can focus on the actual home instead of the excess junk, accessories, and overflowing closets.

Your time is important to us

Mr. Does All is a professional Service that provides full maintenance work for both residential and commercial customers. We provide kitchen tile installation, floor tile repair & installation, bathroom tile repair & installation, cracked tile repair.

Fully Licensed & Insured

We provide you with a quote based on time and materials. Our pricing for handyman services is competitive and clear - just pay for what you need.

  • $75/hr. Organizing, cleaning, lifting, errands, etc.
  • $85/hr. Home repairs, handyman work, and painting.
  • $85/hr. Electrical, carpentry, plumbing, skilled tasks, and appliance installation.
  • $125/hr. Supervisor Role.
  • We offer proposals for larger projects that require more than four full 8-hour work days.
  • Projects with less than a full 8-hour day will be charged an additional 1-hour service fee for travel & setup time.
  • 25% material procurement fee.
  • Licensed mechanics quote upon request.
  • Taxes where applicable.
  • A 3.2% credit card processing fee will be applied.